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Rampage (2018 film)

Language                 :  English

Release Date          :  April 13, 2018

Genre                      :  Monster Sci-Fi

All Ratings

OakShow                :  5/10

Imdb Rating            :  6.4/10

RottenTomatoes    :  54%

Metacritic Rating   :  45%

Tribute                     :  5/5

Times Of India        :  3.5/5

Firstpost                  :  3/5

The Guardian         :  3/5

IGN                           :  5.5/10

MID-DAY                 :  2.5/5

Rolling Stone          :  2/4

CommonSenseMedia:  2/5

Den of Geek           :  2/5

The Indian Express:  1/5

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Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Åkerman, Joe Manganiello, Jake Lacy, Marley Shelton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, P. J. Byrne, Jack Quaid, Matt Gerald, Demetrius Grosse, Will Yun Lee as Agent Park, Breanne Hill

Director: Brad Peyton

Based On: Rampage by Midway Games


Primatologist Davis Okoye, a man who is the head of an anti-poaching unit, finds out his beloved albino silverback gorilla friend George has been infected with a mysterious experiment that turns him into a giant, aggressive beast. To make matters worse, a grey wolf named Ralph and an American crocodile named Lizzie have been infected too. With the help of a discredited genetic engineer named Dr. Kate Caldwell, he must save George, stop Ralph and Lizzie from destroying most of America, and find out who mutated the animals.Source:Wikipedia

Reviews and News(After Release)

Movie Review: Unlike 'A Quiet Place,' 'Rampage' is a lazy creature featureBy:WTOP - 13 April,2018

Dwayne Johnson on Rampage: It's going to be ride of a lifetimeBy:Yahoo News - 13 April,2018

Film Review: 'Rampage'By:Variety - 13 April,2018

'Rampage' Review: Can Dwayne Johnson Save Chicago From Raging Monsters? Do You Have To Ask?By:Deadline - 13 April,2018

Here's what critics are saying about RampageBy:EW.com - 12 April,2018

Box-Office Preview: 'Rampage' Aims to Cause Havoc for 'Quiet Place,' 'Truth or Dare'By:Hollywood Reporter - 12 April,2018

'Rampage' suggests humans who mess with nature are the real monsters. Too bad humans always win.By:NBCNews.com - 12 April,2018

News(Before Release)

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson poses with daughter Simone, 16, for celebrity-stacked premiere of RampageBy:Daily Mail - 5 April,2018

21 New Pictures from Rampage Show off the MonstersBy:Bleeding Cool News - 5 April,2018

New Rampage Clip ReleasedBy:Comicbook.com - 5 April,2018

'Rampage': Can the Rock overcome challenges of the video game movie?By:San Francisco Chronicle - 5 April,2018

Get Up Close to the Rampage Monsters in Over 40 PhotosBy:Comicbook.com - 5 April,2018

Uwe Boll Is Not Happy About Dwayne Johnson's Rampage MovieBy:Cinema Blend - 30 March,2018

The Rock Might Not Even Be the Real Star of His Own MovieBy:Complex - 29 March,2018

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