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The Disaster Artist

Language                 :  English

Release Date          :  Mar 12 2017 (SXSW)

Release Date          :  Dec 1 2017 (United States)

Genre                       :  Biography                                    Comedy Drama

All Ratings

OakShow                :  9/10

Imdb Rating            :  8.2/10

RottenTomatoes    :  95%

Metacritic Rating   :  76%

Tribute                     :  5/5

IGN                           :  9.3/10

WeGotThisCovered:  4/5

The Guardian         :  4/5

Rolling Stone          :  3.5/4

The Guardian         :  3/5

Den of Geek           :  3/5

RogerEbert.com     :  2/4

Economic Times‎‎     :  2.5/5

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Cast: James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, Dave Franco as Greg Sestero, Seth Rogen as Sandy Schklair, Zac Efron as Dan Janjigian, Josh Hutcherson, Ari Graynor, Jacki Weaver, Hannibal Buress, Andrew Santino, June Diane Raphael, Nathan Fielder, Alison Brie, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Megan Mullally, Kate Upton, Dylan Minnette, Judd Apatow, Zoey Deutch, Sugar Lyn Beard, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jason Mitchell, Randall Park, Jerrod Carmichael, Brett Gelman, Casey Wilson, Greg Sestero, Tom Franco, Charlyne Yi

Director: James Franco

Based On: The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero Tom Bissell


The story of the making of the 2003 feature "The Room," which some have called the worst movie ever made.

Reviews and News

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James Franco: 'I was certainly taking myself too seriously before. But who doesn't?'By:The Guardian - Nov 23, 2017

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The Room is one of the worst films ever made. But is director Tommy Wiseau in on the joke?By:Telegraph.co.uk - Jul 20, 2017

The Disaster Artist: James Franco's Tommy Wiseau syncs incredibly well with the real The Room sceneBy:The Independent - Jul 20, 2017

Oh, Hi Tom: Marvel Fans Feel James Franco Looked A Lot Like Loki In 'The Disaster Artist' Teaser TrailerBy:moviepilot.com - Jul 20, 2017

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Is 'The Disaster Artist' James Franco's next shot at Oscar gold?By:Los Angeles Times - Jul 18, 2017

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