Our Little Sister

Language                 :  Japanese

Release Date          :  May 15 2015 (Cannes)

Release Date          :  June 13 2015 (Japan)

Release Date          :  July 6 2016 (India)

Release Date          :  July 8 2016 (United States)

Genre                       :  Drama

OakShow                :  8/10

Imdb Rating            :  7.6/10

RottenTomatoes    :  92%

Metacritic Rating   :  67%

The Guardian          :  4/5

RTÉEntertainment :  5/5

Irishtimes                :  4/5

Entertainment.ie    :  2/5

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Cast: Haruka Ayase,Masami Nagasawa,Kaho & Suzu Hirose

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda

Based on:Umimachi Diary by Akimi Yoshida

There are three sisters: 29-year-old Sachi Kouda, 22-year-old Yoshino Kouda and 19-year-old Chika Kouda. They live at a house in Kamakura. Their house was left by their grandmother. One day, they receive news of their father's death. When the sisters were young, their parents divorced and their father left them. They haven't seen their father in 15 years. Upon hearing the news on their father's death, the sisters attend their father's funeral. At the funeral, they meet their half-sister Suzu Asano. She is 14 years old and there's no one to take care of her. Oldest sister Sachi invites Suzu to live with them. Source:Wikiepedia

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