Maggie's Plan

Language                 :  English

Release Date          :  May 20 2016

Genre                       :  Romantic                                     Comedy

OakShow                :  8.3/10

Imdb Rating            :  6.7/10

RottenTomatoes    :   79%

Metacritic Rating   :  76%

Prettyfamous          :  81%

Indiewire                 :  3/4.3

SlantMagazine       :  2.5/4


Cast: Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Travis Fimmel, Wallace Shawn, Ida Rohatyn, Monte Greene and Julianne Moore.

Director:Rebecca Miller

This tells the story of a young lady names Maggie who's having plan to have a baby on her own. Things got messed up when she falls in love with a married man.

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