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Language                 :  English

Release Date          :  Oct 20 2017 (United States)

Release Date          :  Oct 27 2017 (India)

Genre                      :  Sci-Fi/Fantasy

All Ratings

OakShow                :  n/a

Imdb Rating            :  6.2/10

RottenTomatoes    :  18%

Metacritic Rating   :  21%

IGN                           :  6.5/10

The Guardian         :  2/5

Empire                     :  2/5

Tribute                     :  3.4/5

Indiewire                 :  0.5/5

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Cast: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, Andy García, Richard Schiff, Alexandra Maria Lara, Robert Sheehan, Daniel Wu, Eugenio Derbez, Zazie Beetz, Adepero Oduye, Amr Waked, Talitha Bateman, Billy Slaughter, Tom Choi, Katheryn Winnick

Director: Dean Devlin


When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, it's a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.Source: IMDB

Reviews and News(After Release)

I flew 33 feet in the air: Gerard Butler reflects on the time he almost diedBy:Hindustan Times - 21 Oct,2017

WATCH: Geostorm's Jim Sturgess on saving Dubai, punching Ed Harris in the faceBy:Al-Arabiya - 21 Oct,2017

Movie review: Weak political elements take punch out of 'Geostorm'By:Roanoke Times - 21 Oct,2017

For those who want to watch the world burn, there's GeostormBy:The Verge - 21 Oct,2017

Geostorm: The Most Brutal Reviews Of Gerard Butler's New MovieBy:Screen Rant - 21 Oct,2017

Geostorm review – Gerard Butler's dull disaster movie is a washoutBy:The Guardian - 21 Oct,2017

Geostorm, a disaster movie about a weather apocalypse, somehow manages to be unbelievably boringBy:Vox - 21 Oct,2017

Action Hero Gerard Butler Stung Himself With Bees Until He Ended Up In the HospitalBy:W Magazine - 21 Oct,2017

Review: In 'Geostorm,' Gerard Butler (and His Stubble) Save the PlanetBy:New York Times - 21 Oct,2017

'Geostorm' Review: Brace for Category 5 CGI BoredomBy:IndieWire - 21 Oct,2017

'Geostorm' Review: The Big Summer Blockbuster of 1998By:Collider.com - 21 Oct,2017

News(Before Release)

Will real-life natural disasters affect an incoming 'Geostorm'?By:USA TODAY - 16 Oct,2017

'Geostorm' is a disaster film filled with thrills, action, and lots of special effectsBy:GMA News - 15 Oct,2017

Geostorm: Hollywood disaster film starring Dubai set to open in UAEBy:The National - 13 Oct,2017

Film review: Geostorm – Gerard Butler fights climate change in contrived sci-fi action epicBy:South China Morning Post - 12 Oct,2017

Geostorm is a disaster and not because of climate changeBy:The Straits Times - 12 Oct,2017

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