Yaara Review: Not as Cliche as You Think

Jithin J Prasad say's it's Safe to Watch3.5 out of 53.5/5
Posted By : Jithin J Prasad | Date : 30-07-2020

Is Yaara really a movie about friendship? As for me Nah, it's not about friendship but it's about a bunch of friends who does some bad as well as good things together.

Yaara (film) Review by Jithin J Prasad

I didn't put it among the movies on friendship list because it's nowhere near movies like Chhichhore,3 idiots, Friends(Malyalam Movie), Arya 2(Telugu),Amit's own Kai Po Che!,The Intouchables(French)/Thoza(Tamil)/Oopiri(Telugu) or even Vidyuth's own Anjaan(Tamil) because all these films have some aura that completes the whole meaning of Friendship which Yaara certainly is lacking.

Kai Po Che!,Anjaan,3 idiots,Arya 2

Well, I said it's not a 100% friendship movie but it got it's moments in other aspects. Such as the timeline of the film and the cinematography tallying with each era from 1950's to 1990's, yeah the cinematography is good, the casting for each character from their young versions till the adulthood is also good, The way of narration could have been improved a little but what they did is acceptable, Shruthi Hassan performed well for whatever the time she had in the screen.

Yaara Reveiw

The special thing that I have to mention is that in some points the story might seem like to have lot's of cliche things in it but that's not the case, so if you have spotted some cliche and stopped watching the film then you are missing out some of the good stuff too.

Finally, I want to add that, if you are looking for a good movie this weekend, Yaara can definitely fill up your time but don't watch it expecting a good Friendship film like both the lead actor's own Kai Po Che! and Anjaan.

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