Unpregnant Review : Getting an Abortion is Not Always a Bad Thing

Jithin J Prasad say's it's Safe to Watch4 out of 54/5
Posted By : Jithin J Prasad | Date : 11-09-2020

Abortion is not good...! oh really? Well, that depends on the reasons behind it, Unpregnant narrates one such reason along with the reunion of two former best friends during a long road trip filled with fun and emotions. Yeah, I said emotions but don't worry it ain't gonna give you a cliche feeling like they normally do.

unpregnant (film) Review by Jithin J Prasad

Ok now, let's cut to the chase...! The movie begins with a 17 year old Veronica Clarke(played by Haley Lu Richardson) finding out that she's pregnant and seeks help from her former friend Bailey(played by Barbie Ferreira) to reach Albuquerque which is 100's of miles away from their home town Missouri because Missouri doesn't allow teenagers for abortion without parental consent and Veronica certainly not want her parents to find out either, So she did took the help from Bailey who used to be her Best Friend till something happened between the two.

Enough with the synopsis, you can probably guess the rest from the trailer it self. Now I will just say the Pro's and Con's of the film:

Pro's: The film doesn't have a lot of unwanted comedies or emotional scenes like the normal road/reunion films, instead the Rachel Lee Goldenberg(Director/Writer of the film) managed to stick the subject more, yeah fewer cliche scenes The Narration is in such a way that we won't get bored and pause the video for another time. Like I mentioned above the narration also managed to address a serious issue in a beautiful yet funny manner.

unpregnant (film) Review by Jithin J Prasad

Con's: Some characters could have a given a little more screentime, well then It would be a cliche so can't really complain on that part.

I find a lot of backlashes against the film on the internet, maybe it is addressing a sensitive issue, a lot of people say that abortion is a bad thing and consider as a crime. In the context of this film where an ambitious girl, a girl who has her carrier all planned out and way too young accidentally get's pregnant, you can't complain to her for the choice she(Veronica) made. But there are certain cases where it is not a choice such as the case of Savita Halappanavar, an Indian who died in Ireland because she was not allowed to abort although it will be Miscarriage by stating that "as Irish law, under the influence of the Catholic Church, at that time forbade abortion if a fetal heartbeat was still present. Afterward, Halappanavar developed sepsis and, despite doctors' efforts to treat her, had a cardiac arrest at 1:09 AM on 28 October, at the age of 31, and died.Source:Death of Savita Halappanavar,Wikipedia". In her case, it was vital that abortion's the only way but then again they refused, the incident took place back in 2012 and the Ireland government has amended the Constitution later in 2018 because of this incident.

unpregnant (film) Review by Jithin J Prasad

The film might not address the issue in a way as the incident that happened in Ireland but it's still pretty understandable why a young girl went for an abortion. besides this film don't go with everyone who is jumping for an abortion so just watch it as it is. I have to mention that I am not supporting either but as I mentioned above there are certain cases where they should go with an abortion.

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