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Posted By : Jithin J Prasad | Date : 27-07-2018

Benji: Why should I be one here? (Panic)

Luthur: You’ve always wanted to be on the field. (Giggles)

Benji: Yeah but not in a situation like this.

Ethan: Benji..,Relax, I won’t let them harm you. (Smiles)

Yeah the dialogues by Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) says it all. The reason why he’s always rouge is to protect his friends and loved ones and not to mention the entire life force. The same charisma applies to the latest franchise, unlike any other Mission Impossible movies in Fallout Ethen Hunt shows his compassion to other beings, how he respects an innocent sole, just like the Dragon Ball character Goku,Hunt show’s his naive part by sparing the life’s of… yeah even his enemies’ like Solomon Lane.

Naive part of Goku and Ethan Hunt

Ok, Now to the main part about the movie, well the movie begins from where Rouge nation ends, after the Syndicate got neutralized a lot of people linked to it where caught or killed, where as there were still some(The Apostles,a terrorist group) who’s real identities were unknown and they plans to have some massive destruction and terror by using an element called Plutonium, Ethan’s Mission is to get that Plutonium in safe hands of the C.I.A, well that’s about it, I ain’t gonna reveal the whole story to give some spoilers so that I could destroy the whole mood of yours, Jeez I am not that evil. So let’s get to the part where I say about the technical, directional and other stuffs about the movie, shall we???

The Positives’s

  1. The Stunt’s: What about the stunt’s? What about it, for God’s sake we’re talking about Tom Cruise here. That’s right the stunt’s are undoubtedly the best not just in the whole career of Tom Cruise but may be one of the greatest stunt’s ever in the history of cinema, the stunt’s alone will make you happy for the money you’ve spent on that ticket you’ve brought.

  2. Tom Cruise helicopter stunt in Fallout
  3. The Plot: The plot of the movie is well written and well directed thanks to the Director/Script Writer Christopher McQuarrie who did his once Academy Award winning magic(McQuarrie won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Usual Suspects).

  4. Technologically the movie’s on top level, you will find the camera angles and the VFX mind blowing. Before you go just checkout some shots at Nolan movies like The Dark Knight, you’re gonna love Mission Impossible-Fallout’s Visual’s, well of course Christopher Nolan’s on anoter level but so do Christopher McQuarrie.

  5. The Cast: Well the cast, ha no word, Tom Cruise,Henry Cavill,Ving Rhames,Simon Pegg,Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan,Angela Bassett,Alec Baldwin,etc.. are perfectly aligned, It was a good call casting The Superman against Ethan Hunt so that the Superman realizes it’s not just batman who can stop him if he goes berserk(lol), and oops can’t help it another tiny spoiler, It was a good call casting Both Michelle Monaghan and Wes Bentley(You’ll know what I mean when you see the movie) got some good sense of humor flowing through the veins between some hardcore actions without effecting the plot.

  6. Mission Impossible Fallout Cast Poster
  7. The list goes on and on

The Negative’s

  1. Sean Harris’s go less screen presence.

  2. Sean Harris's less screen presence is a negative in Mission Impossible Fallout
  3. Why is Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt not in the movie??? Well we know it’s because of his Hawkeye character he’s been playing for the Infinity War Sequel, but hey Jeremy you’re been missed in the movie.

  4. Hawkeye over William Brandt
  5. Can’t think of any other negatives.

The movie won’t make you regret for your money and time, go for it without fear, Go get it Tiger…….

John Wick and Eathan Hunt Actions

Final Verdict: One of The best Action movies of recent times especially when you consider the plot, Mission: Impossible – Fallout falls under the best category of Action with Good plot just like John Wick: Chapter 2 or may be even better since it got some humor too. I will give it a 4.5/5

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