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Palm Springs (2020 film)

Language: English

Release Date: July 10,2020

Genre: Super Heroin/Hero

Duration: 2hr 5 minutes

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Cast with Roles

  • Andy Samberg as Nyles
  • Cristin Milioti as Sarah
  • J. K. Simmons as Roy
  • Camila Mendes as Tala
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Abe
  • Meredith Hagner as Misty
  • Dale Dickey as Darla
  • Chris Pang as Trevor
  • Peter Gallagher as Howard
  • June Squibb as Nana Schlieffen
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Pia
  • Tongayi Chirisa as Jerry
  • Source:Wikipedia

    Director(s): Max Barbakow

    Summary:When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other.Source:IMDB


    On November 9th, Nyles is woken up by his girlfriend Misty oiling up her leg. They have sex and Miles masturbates as Misty stops before she starts to sweat and ruin her makeup. It then cuts to Nyles in the hotel swimming pool floating while drinking a beer. Jerry swims up to him and Nyles offers him a beer. The film then cuts to the wedding. At the wedding we meet Sarah, the maid of honor and the sister of the bride. As Misty is done her bridesmaid's speech, she hands the mic over to Sarah. Drunk and not knowing she had to prepare a speech, Nyles grabs the mic from Misty and gives a wedding speech of his own while making deep eye contact with Sarah. After the speech, Nyles approaches Sarah while dancing and the two meet for the "first time". Nyles and Sarah then go out into the desert and make out. Before getting ready to have sex, Nyles is shot in the shoulder with an arrow by Roy. Nyles runs and Roy follows leaving Sarah confused. Nyles is then hiding behind a rock and Roy goes into a cave thinking Nyles ran in there. Nyles, also having been shot in the leg by Roy goes into the cave as well. Outside, Sarah asks Nyles if he needs help and he tells her to go away.

    Sarah wakes up in the morning in her hotel room. She goes to the swimming pool and sees Nyles handing Jerry a can. Nyles realizing what has happened tries to ignore Sarah. Sarah finds a box of beers and starts throwing them at Nyles into the pool and eventually diving in to confront him. Tala comes out to ask why Sarah is in the pool. Tala trips and breaks three of her teeth. Her family is panicking and Sarah is so confused she throws up. Sarah decides to go back to the cave where she saw Nyles dying the "night" before but cannot find it. Nyles then explains an earthquake happens everyday that opens the cave. Sarah walks in and wakes up again

    Nyles explains to Sarah they are stuck in an infinite time loop. Whatever they do, they always end up waking up in the bed of their hotel rooms. Whether its suicide, murder or re entering the cave, they wake up in the same place over and over. Sarah, not being able to comprehend what is going on tries to find her way out. Nyles on the other hand doesn't care about time or life as he knows it. Sarah thinks this is all because of karma and tries to do a good deed and hopefully wake up the next day. When that fails, she and Nyles start doing crazy things like random dancing, speeding on open roads, trespassing in a vacant house and get drunk. At the local bar, Sarah asks Nyles about Roy. Nyles explains that he met Roy during his time stuck in the time loop. They both met at the wedding, partied hard with a Trevor's cocaine and end up both being stuck in the time loop after Roy said he did not want "this" night to end. They both are stuck together in the time loop and Roy murders Nyles multiple times as revenge such as shooting, waterboarding, electrocuting and setting Nyles on fire. One night, Nyles and Sarah camp out in the desert and they see a dinosaur which is new. They go to sleep but eventually have sex. Nyles wakes up happy. But Sarah wakes up wanting to escape again.

    Sarah is stuck in a trance while driving and is brought back by Nyles. She notices that a police car has been following them for some time and then proceeds to speed. She pulls over after the police car flashes their siren. Nyles thinking its Roy does not want Sarah to stop but Sarah wants him to face his problems. Sarah leaves the car screaming that Nyles kidnapped her and the officer tells Nyles to exit the car. It is then revealed that the officer is Roy and he cocks his gun getting ready to shoot Nyles. Sarah then gets into the police car and rams it into Roy, incapacitating him. Another officer comes by on motorcycle and pulls out a taser on Sarah. Sarah dodges when the officer pulls the trigger and Nyles gets electrocuted and hits the ground. After Nyles asks Sarah why she has been acting weird. Sarah does not respond and Nyles reveals that he should not have brought her to the cave after hooking up "the thousandth time". Sarah realizes she has been lied to after Nyles said they never hooked up before and then gets up to stand in front of a big truck.

    The next reset, Nyles goes looking for Sarah to apologize but he cannot find her. He goes to her family trying to find her and cannot. During one reset he ends up in the groom's room where they are all taking drugs and drinking alcohol before the dinner. Nyles not participating puts his head into a pillow. The pillow has the same scent of Sarah's hair and he realizes that Sarah and Abe had sex the night before and she feels awful and cannot live another day in the time loop. Nyles confronts Abe in front of everybody and Tala and a fight ensues between them. A reset then follows where Tala and Abe are kissing. Multiple resets later and she cannot be found. Later, Nyles realizes he loves Sarah and that he needs to find her to tell her. Nyles then travels to Irvine, California to talk to Roy. Roy explains that his life is perfect but also imperfect as he lives in the perfect day forever but will never get to see the future or his children grow up. Nyles understands and Roy asks him to leave. Nyles asks him to murder him one last time and Roy does.

    Sarah is awake after the day she and Nyles have sex in the desert. It flashes forward to her getting hit by the truck and waking up in Abe's room. She confronts him in the shower about how they are both bad people and to never speak of this again. Abe starts to cry after realizing he cheated on his bride to be the night before the wedding. It then cuts to Sarah driving out of the hotel after every reset to a diner where she studies quantum physics every day. She consults with professors and ends up finding a way to escape the time loop. She experiments with a goat in the desert and the goat ends up leaving the time loop.

    Nyles wakes up and sees Sarah. He apologizes and confesses his love to her and she tells him there is a way out of the time loop. She explains that they need to blow themselves up in the cave at an exact moment to escape. But she doesn't know where they will escape to. She is excited to leave but Nyles isn't. He wants to stay in the time loop forever with Sarah where he knows how everything will work exactly. She leaves him in the room alone and Nyles breaks up with Misty. Sarah goes to the wedding, gives a prepared speech for Tala and then gets ready to go. Nyles, at the bar decides he will leave with her because he isn't scared anymore. He steals the bartender's keys and drives his truck until he hits a flat tire. He then goes to a shooting range and gets a ride from the owner to the cave. Sarah is outsides with a sash filled with explosives ready to enter until Nyles arrives. Nyles then confesses his love properly and that he is ready to leave the loop with her. They enter and Sarah confesses her love to him and they kiss outside the vortex where they both blow up.

    The sun appears after a while and it pans to Nyles and Sarah in a pool at the vacant house from before. They talk about Nyles' dog until the house owners show up, on November 10th.

    An end credit scene shows Roy in his original outfit for the wedding meeting Nyles for the first time. Nyles doesn't know who Roy is. Roy is relieved.


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