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Unlock- The Haunted App

Language: Hindi

Release Date: June 27,2020

Genre: Horror

Duration: 58 minutes

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Cast with Roles

  • Hina Khan Suhani(2020)
  • Kushal Tandon Amar(2020)
  • Rishabh Sinha Anubhav(2020)
  • Aditi Arya Aditi Arya
  • Source:IMDB

    Director(s): Debatma Mandal


    Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app that granted you your deepest darkest wish in just three tasks. When Suhani realizes that Amar, the love of her life is about to be lost to her roommate Riddhi, there is practically nothing that she could do to make things right again. Suhani has been obsessed with Amar for some time now, from installing cameras in his house to observing him so closely as to know by heart his likes and dislikes. When all doors seem shut, Suhani gets the opportunity to install Friends from the other side, an app off the deep web that grants one of their wishes but with a catch; there are three tasks that need completing. As soon as she accepts the app to access her contacts and details, Suhani's relationship with Amar actually starts progressing and it is evident that the app is not just any app, but is also supernatural in nature. A frightening hooded entity engulfed in diabolical smoke starts appearing in places where the app is being used; making sure the tasks are done right.Source:IMDB

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