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  • The Perfect Date Movie Reviews and Ratings
  • The Perfect Date reveiws and ratings
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The Perfect Date

Language:  English

Release Date:  April 12,2019

Genre:  Romance,Comedy

Duration:  1hr 29mins

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Cast with Roles

  • Laura Marano as Celia Lieberman
  • Noah Centineo as Brooks Rattigan
  • Odiseas Georgiadis as Murph
  • Camila Mendes as Shelby Pace
  • Matt Walsh as Charlie Rattigan
  • Joe Chrest as Jerry Lieberman
  • Carrie Lazar as Lilian Lieberman
  • Alexander Biglane as Tuna Melt on Seven Grain
  • Blaine Kern III as Franklin
  • Zak Steiner as Reece
  • Wayne Péré as Mr. Newhouse
  • Source:Wikipedia

    Director(s): Chris Nelson


    To save up for college, Brooks Rattigan creates an app where anyone can pay him to play the perfect stand-in boyfriend for any occasion.Source:IMDB

    Reveiws and News

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    The Perfect Date is Netflix’s newest teen movie starring Noah Centineo. It’s fine.By:VOX - 12 April,2019

    Every Indie Pop Song In Netflix’s The Perfect Date Is Like A Teenage DreamBy:Refinery29 - 12 April,2019

    I Loved The Perfect Date—But It's Missing One ThingBy:FLARE - 12 April,2019

    A Few Thoughts on Noah Centineo's New Name, Brooks RattiganBy:Vulture - 12 April,2019

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