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Le De Ke Bol

Language:  Hindi

Release Date:  Dec, 2018

Genre:  Adult,Drama

Seasons:  1

Episodes:  5

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Episode 1:GhapaGhap


Pamela Mondal, Shashank Mishra, Ashish Sablawat,Nikhil Mehta, Sumit Gahlawat ,Naveen Kumar

Director: Gaurav Kumar Bajaj


Ghapaghap is the story of a couple who are having a good time. A group of thieves barge into the house and notice the couple in their act but they go after their priority- Money. They beat the guy to pulp only leading to a revelation that will shock you! Watch to find out. SourceULLU

Episode 2:I See You


Urvashi Sharma

Director: Shiva varma Saptaraj Chakarborty


Social Media. It's advantages are many but have you ever realized that it can be also dangerous to you and your safety. This very tool can wreck havoc and ur under scrutiny. How do u know if someone is always watching you? Wat would you do if you come to k ow that you are being stalked? I see you brings that fear to the fore. SourceULLU

Episode 3:Inspiration


Tanushree Dutta, Taranjit Kaur, Ishani Sharma, Atul Bhalla

Director: Atul Bhalla


One Woman's journey against all odds. This Woman's Day witness the Woman empowerment as we stream our new short film Inspiration SourceULLU

Episode 4:Le De Ke Bol


  • Nisha Mavani
  • Gaurav
  • Jitendra Trehan
  • Aditya Uppal
  • Jyoti Mishar
  • Kiran T
  • Director: Deepak Pandey


    Rakesh and Piyali are working in the same company. Rakesh is on very low post compared to Piyali. They love each other and decide to marry. Rakesh’s parents demand big dowry amount, but Piyali is against this old tradition. To get her love, the girl decides to take the big step. Watch this tale of a brave girl, LE DEKE BOL. SourceULLU

    Episode 5:Perfume


  • Nikita Sharma
  • Director: Shiva varma Saptaraj Chakarborty


    A young girl's night is thrown into a harrowing tailspin when she received a gift (PERFUME) from her deceased friend with some alarming instructions. SourceULLU

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