• KuppathuRaja (film) Movie Reviews and Ratings
  • #KuppathuRaja (film) 2019 film Reviews and Ratings
  • KuppathuRaja (film) Movie Reviews and Ratings
  • KuppathuRaja (film) reveiws and ratings
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Kuppathu Raja (2019 film)

Language:  Tamil

Release Date:  April 5,2019

Genre:  Comedy

Duration:  2hr 27min

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Cast with Roles

  • G. V. Prakash Kumar as Rocket
  • Parthiban as MG Rajendran
  • Palak Lalwani as Kalyani
  • Poonam Bajwa as Mary
  • M. S. Bhaskar
  • Yogi Babu
  • R. N. R. Manohar
  • Jangiri Madhumitha
  • Aravind Akash
  • Ajay Raj
  • Source:Wikipedia

    Director(s): Baba Bhaskar


    The movie is about the relationships between a few slum dwellers and how some anti-social elements create unrest in their lives. The slum is dominated by a five-member gang, headed by MG Rajendran (Parthiban), a do-gooder and a hardcore fan of MGR. The people there look up to him and he has the final say in everything. Rocket (G. V. Prakash Kumar), the son of Rajendran’s aide (M. S. Bhaskar), with a devil-may-care attitude, is in love with Kamala (Palak Lalwani), another girl from the slum. When the couple dreams of a life together, Mary (Poonam Bajwa), a new resident to the slum, changes their lives. Meanwhile, a series of untoward incidents disrupt the peaceful lives in the slum. Source:Wikipedia

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