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  • Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie Reviews and Ratings
  • Anaganaga O Athidhi reveiws and ratings
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Anaganaga O Athidhi

Language: Telugu

Release Date: Nov 20,2020

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 1hr 32mins

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Cast with Roles

  • Payal Rajput as Mallika
  • Chaitanya Krishna as Chinni Krishna/Srinivas
  • Veena Sundar as Poornakka
  • Ananda Chakrapani as Subbayya
  • Vasu Inturi as Head Constable
  • Venu(Tillu) as Kannappa
  • Thotapalli Madhu as Vaddi Veerayya
  • Ashok Kumar as Pravachakulu
  • Naveen Krishna as Budabukkalodu
  • Appaji Ambarisha as Kaasi
  • Ramu (KA Paul) as Supplier
  • Malla Reddy as President
  • YM Vamsi Krishna as Constable
  • Raj Royal as Ramana
  • Bekkam Ravinder as Driver
  • Kalyana Madavi as President Wife
  • Sri Lakshmi as Village Lady
  • Ayesha as Pregnant Women
  • Master Chandrashekar as Childhood Srinivas
  • Baby Aradhya as Childhood Malli
  • Source:Wikipedia

    Director(s): Dayal Padmanabhan

    Summary:Subbaiah and his family live in abject poverty and a soothsayer tells them that their fortune will change overnight. The peace in the house is stirred when a stranger knocks on their door seeking shelter for a night, and the consequences are deadly.Source:Aha


    In an interior village, a fortune teller visits a poverty-stricken family and foretells that their fortune will change overnight. A mysterious traveller Chinni Krishna (Chaitanya Krishna) visits their home on the same day and requests to be allowed to stay overnight. What happens during that one intense night forms rest of the story.

    The movie starts with a view of a burning house in a village and the narrator narrates that this is the end of the story not the beginning. The scene shifts to a God man preaching about human desires to the villagers and how it is common for all living beings to have desires. He advises, as humans one should be in control of their desires though it is natural for all to have desires. Among the God man's audience, are villagers Poornakka and her daughter Mallika, who questions the God man's preaching to her mother's annoyance. They decide to leave the session midway as Mallika's taunts were annoying the mother and also since it was getting late.

    Farmer Ontillu Subbayya, his wife Poornakka and daughter Mallika(Payal Rajput), all live in a remote village where the closest neighbor is 3 miles away. They had pawned 9 acres of their agricultural land to a loan shark when unforeseen medical expenses befell the family and were since living in poverty. Farmer Subbayya is an alcoholic who drinks every other night, Poornakka works in the farm and also helps as a midwife to village women, expertly delivering their children, the daughter Mallika is an ambitious woman who rues of her misfortunes, constantly craving to marry and start a family of her own. She is frustrated and keeps taunting her mother about this.

    One day a wandering fortune teller visits their house and predicts that they are about to see a lot of money, however warns them that they should look beyond the money. But the family drives him away and as he walks away from the house, a tourist visits the house asking for some water to drink. The tourist introduces himself as Chinni Krishna a traveler and writer. He seeks permission to stay the night over at Subbayya's house as the next village was very far and would take him over a day to reach there. The family reluctantly agrees since there is an unmarried girl in the house and may lead villagers to talk ill about them if they got to know a stranger stayed overnight. The tourist is very polite and generous towards the family; offers money to buy tea dust when Subbayya expresses a desire to drink tea, while paying a little extra for Subbayya's troubles.

    The loan shark, to whom the land and house is pawned, visits Subbayya's house one day and demands Subbayya to pay more attention to the farm and its produce as the land is now his and he needs to reap profit from it. When there, the loan shark also hints that if people accepted his ideas, things could get better; alluding his interest in Mallika. Subbayya and Poornakka are furious at this but are silent; however Mallika expresses her disgust indicating she is not interested in him. Meanwhile, the tourist, Chinni Krishna overhears all of this and offers to help the family. He shows the family some cash and jewels while subtly pointing that he can pay off the loan shark if they would allow him to. The family is surprised but they refuse to accept his offer since he is a stranger. In the evening, the tourist requests for some chicken curry to be prepared and again offer money for the necessary ingredients and again a little extra so that the entire family can enjoy a good meal.

    The cash and jewelry sows seeds of greed in Mallika and secretly wishes to keep all the jewels for herself. Blinded by this greed, she convinces her mother and father to kill the tourist and rob him of his money. While Subbayya goes to the local arrack shop, Poornakka and Mallika prepare the chicken curry and decide to poison it. Just before dinner, two policemen arrive at their house enquiring if they have seen any stranger around since there was a robbery nearby. Both women deny seeing anybody. The policemen smell aroma of the chicken curry and request themselves to be invited for a meal. Poornakka topples the plate with poisoned meal and brings the policemen new plates, thus avoids poisoning the policemen. The policemen leave after a good meal praising Poornakka of her culinary skills. Sadly, the pet dog eats the toppled food and dies of poisoning.

    Later, the tourist finishes his meal and goes to sleep a happy man. Mallika realizes that her mother did not lace the new plate with poison after the policemen left their house. Frustrated, Mallika decides to kill the tourist herself. She slits his throat while he is asleep and goes out to dig him a grave. Subbayya, meanwhile at the local arrack shop discovers from the waiter at the bar that many people there know about the visitor at his house. He runs home only to discover that the women have already killed the tourist.

    He weeps his heart out upon this discovery and reveals the true identity of the traveler, which he learnt from the waiter at the local arrack shop. The tourist had visited the arrack shop before going to Subbayya's house and had revealed his identity to the people at the arrack shop. The tourist was the son of Subbayya who had run away a long time ago in fear of his mother's beating.Source:Wikipedia

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